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A New Rotation
By Abby Martin

    The Canton High School recently implemented a brand new fourth lunch spot in the school schedule to minimize the number of students in the school cafeteria at one time.


    With the colder weather, outdoor seating can be a challenge, and Covid guidelines still stress social distancing which is especially important at lunch. There, students eat with friends unmasked which increases their chances of exposure.

It is practically unanimous - the four-lunch schedule is great for protecting students from the deadly virus. However, opinions about the new schedule itself are a little different.  


     Many don’t like the very first lunch block between 10:51-11:14 because it’s so early. Many say this timeframe makes the mid-day meal feel like breakfast and fails to keep them energized until the school bell rings at 2:29. With that, the last lunch, between 12:12-12:35 leaves others famished all morning.


     While it is exciting to see the school implementing Covid safety measures during a time when we are all so vulnerable to catching the virus, mealtimes are a controversial issue for many. One thing is clear, though, everyone has a favorite (and least favorite) lunch block!

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