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I once had “writer’s block”

And couldn’t think of anything to write

So I went on Google

And asked for inspiration

But only got quotes instead


I once walked on a dock

and bought myself a kite

because a crazy man with a bugle

told me to do that on my vacation

and after my purchase the wind quickly fled


I once stayed up all night

Studying for a test I knew I’d fail

Because I wanted the confidence achieved from my studious ways

And I thought I did well because I took it easily the next day

Until I realized I bombed the whole thing


I was once told I was alright

For my body wasn’t frail

But I wouldn’t accept my family’s praise

Because my sanity slipped away

And what was left I held between my mind and its sling

 Meet the Author: 

Amanda Romanos

If you are interested learning more about Amanda or the rest of the Spectrum Staff, click the button to check out her biography, or go to 'Who We Are." in the main menu.

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