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The Return of Who?

A Classic Sci-Fi Show Catching Up With the Times

By Elise Kleinbauer 


        The T.V. show Doctor Who has been running for the past fifty-five years, the first episode airing November 23, 1963 with William Hartnell as the main character, the Doctor. Since then, there have been twelve doctors, until  October 7, that is. The premiere of the eleventh season wasn't like any others. In this premiere, the Doctor crashed onto the scene as a woman, an idea that probably wouldn’t have even been considered by the show’s original showrunners. Jodie Whittaker, known for her past roles in Broadchurch and Tess of the D’Urbervilles, is now our current Time Lord, making history with every new episode.

        Although the classic show may have taken a modern turn, it will still always be close to the hearts of true fans. The bold choice, although causing anger to many, will result in a new chapter that will revive the plot and open up our hearts to a brand new version of Doctor Who: accepting and inclusive of all kinds people.

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