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A Student's Commentary on the Travel Ban

By Spencer Owens

Donald Trump has recently banned Muslims from six Middle Eastern countries  from entering the United States in an effort to stop terrorism from entering our borders. What President Donald Trump does not understand or want to believe is that terrorism prevention does not call for a fight between Islam and America. The fight that needs to be conducted is one against radical groups like ISIS from raining terror on the people of the Middle east. These people live in fear because of these radical groups, we are not putting out the fire by subjecting Muslim people to the standard that these radical groups are trying to push.


By America banning muslims from entering the United States we are not living up to our standards as American people. America is supposed to be about “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, and that any person no matter their nationality, gender, race, or religion should be able to find hope in the land of the free. By banning these people we are also playing right into ISIS, the fuel to their fight is that America and that the Western world hates Islam and muslim people. When Donald Trump enacts this ban it's just proving to Isis and many muslim people that America does not believe they are worthy to come to America because it is America vs the religion of Islam, and if we support Donald Trump's plan we are fueling the fight with hate and that's exactly what Isis and other radical groups want from Donald Trump and Western society.

The muslim ban was deemed unconstitutional by federal Judges but the ban will keep being pushed for approval. It is our job as American citizens to speak up against Trump and his advisors cruel judgement of the less fortunate. These innocent civilians are just trying to break away from terror in their own countries not to mention war and poverty. I understand the reasoning behind the muslim ban, it is to protect our country from acts of terrorism.The United States hasn't just done this once before, look back in history when Pearl Harbor was bombed by the Japanese. Soon after we subjected our own citizens; we put every single person that was Japanese into internment camps because we were afraid it would happen again. By doing this we are tarnishing relationships,social respect, and our own country's sense of morality.

This connects with the Muslim ban extremely well. We are excluding a majority of human beings for the minority of radicals. I understand that we are shutting the door to protect our own country, but because of this action we are leaving human beings in the dark. They've been in the dark too long.

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