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Jessica Hart’s Journey through the Pool

by Allie Geftas

Book in hand with her four pups sitting by her side, is an ideal afternoon for Jessica Hart. After a short conversation, I got to see what a strong woman she truly is, who is passionate about her beliefs. Growing up in a competitive atmosphere for a swim, she is determined. The connection she feels to the earth when swimming has had a long-lasting effect and inspired her future. 

“My mom’s the coach of the team so she really got me into it” laughs Hart. Since the age of five, she has been diving into the water perfecting her stroke. On a cool summer morning, her daily routine started off with a splash of cold water. Her love for the sport continued to flourish as she grew older.


Now seventeen, she still takes on this passion being a part of the Canton High School swim team. Stepping up to the dive line, her feelings overcome her, “I get really excited, but I think the nerves take over more” as if it was her first race all over again.

This same tension is what filled the arena during one of her best memories of swim. At the busy pool, surrounded by heat, Hart was preparing to compete in the Hockomock League Race. With an impressive record, she was in great competition with the many accomplished swimmers, in all the surrounding lanes. 

But she remained focused and prepared to take on this challenge in order to achieve what she had been working for all year. After a well-fought and close race, Jessie came out to win 2nd place. Making her one of the top competitors in the entire league. 

“It’s kind of funny, I was actually really upset that I got second place. My coach kept getting me excited for first [place] and that didn’t happen so I was very upset,” she explained with disappointment. Then a smile appears on her face as she begins to reflect on her accomplishment. “But I was proud of myself afterwards.” It is as clear as day, she will not stop until she can become the best she can, and will not settle for any less. Hart knows you cannot become the greatest without pushing yourself. 

This is a quality that will also help Hart succeed in her future. “I’ve always liked the ocean because swimming has always been a big part of my life” she explained. And for this reason, she is excited to learn a lot more about it. Following a dream to be able to protect the planet. “I signed up for oceanography and that’s where it all started,” and her inspiration grew.

When given the chance to donate 50,000 dollars to any donation, she has no hesitation in her decision. “I definitely choose something environmental, that would go towards saving trees, global warming, or anything of the sorts.” Harts’ selfless and caring personality makes her perfect for this task, as she hopes to help all of humanity in the process. 

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