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Community Service Club: Canton’s Greatest Gift of All

by Andrew DiBiasio

As the old song goes: “Santa Claus has got a toy, for every good girl and good little boy,” our new song goes “Community Service Club has a cup of cheer, for every good citizen during this festive time of year.”

Despite these times of loneliness, Canton High School’s Community Service Club sure hasn’t been stopped by this unpleasant pandemic. It has created opportunities for all students to voluntarily serve in our community throughout this holiday season. Consequently, they’ve created more spirit than ever before!

The potential successes in the Thanksgiving Food Pantry card drive encouraged the  Community Service Club to help in new ways this year. The club, composed of over 90 CHS students, contributed over 160 Thanksgiving cards to those who needed a financial and spiritual lift of positivity. The effects were extremely meaningful and amazing as over 120 cards were collected

We were all “home for the holidays” this Christmas season, except for one group of people. Health care workers, who have been hard at work throughout the Covid-19 pandemic had no such luxury of a quiet Christmas season. Their dedication to helping others has helped us fight the virus, which is why the Community Service Club was inspired to participate in a similar project to spread joy to the heroes of today who keep hope alive throughout the darkest times. 

All 90 members were encouraged to pitch in to create meaningful cards with kind messages and drawings to lift the spirits and show appreciation to our healthcare workers.

They encouraged all to participate, as they insist that the community service process is contagious and infectious and, having made a few cards, I completely agree! With messages that carried wishes of hope and happiness in the New Year, all club member’s hearts were fulfilled going into the new year knowing their hard work put the greatest smiles and invoked the heaviest loads of joy into the hearts of those who needed it the most this Christmas.


All cards were shipped off to South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, Massachusetts and while we don’t know the results yet, there is no doubt that the turnout will be inspiring and the effects will be stronger than ever.

Inspired? Want to help out in aiding your community? Well, everyone is welcome! Contact club leaders Amy Hylen, Alex Lopez-Rodriguez, Warda Ahmed, Isabelle Crawford, or Livie Timmins to learn how to be part of a fabulous movement. They’ll be more than happy to bring you into the positive, inclusive environment that they’ve created.

The Community Service Club continues to move forward with an optimistic eye towards the future in hopes of creating more opportunities of spreading hope into the new year! Thank you, Community Service Club!

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