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Dogs Ball Wins The Davenport

By Pat LaBelle


It was only two years ago that the Bulldogs endured a challenging season which saw them finish with a record of (2-18); going winless in the Davenport.


But the difference that two years makes.


Last night, the Bulldogs cut down the net for their first Davenport title in 26 years.


After the game, I just couldn’t stop smiling (per usual) because nobody deserved it more than this group of guys. They had the perfect storm this year of strong leadership from a great senior class, emerging stars, and surprise contributors, which is exactly what it takes for a dream like this to become a reality.


But easily my favorite moment from last night had to be the team’s postgame FaceTime to Xavier. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, X was always the ultimate teammate and team first guy. I’m sure everyone on the team will let you know he had just as much a role in the magic of this season (so far) as anybody else. And for the team’s first genuine reaction to be a FaceTime to their inspiration this season was absolutely amazing.


But Pat! What about the fact that it happened on our home court, on Senior night, against the team that bounced us from the playoffs just one year before?





















How sweet it is.

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