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Insights to Tomorrow; What the Future Holds for a Small Town Student


See the world, learn a new language, and find something that you’re passionate about. These are things that most people write on a bucket list to do before they’re thirty, only to stumble upon it again once they’re thirty-five, realizing none of it is done. But if you’re Jessica Chaudry, then these are things that you’ve already accomplished… multiple times, in fact. Chaudry has the experiences of four different countries, four states, three languages, and a true love for a musical instrument under her belt, all before she’s even graduated high school. 


    Finding your passion is something that everyone struggles with, and some people can never truly grasp it. After chatting with Chaudry, however, I am confident in saying that she has found something she’s more than passionate about. Playing the violin was something that Chadury picked up at an early age and remained diligent with until she got to high school. “I adored it, I’m sorry, but it was just my favorite thing to do. I would be so excited to go to practice,” Chaudry raves about her time in the orchestra, a smile on her face as she reminisces. “It was the best part of my day.” Though Chaudry is on hiatus from her instrumental love at the moment, she plans to return to it someday in the future. 


    Along with her affinity for music, helping and providing care for people is something that has always piqued Chaudry’s interest. She recalls, “It’s funny. Even when I was younger, I would tell my mom, you know, I wanna be, I wanna be [an OB-GYN].” Though Chaudry’s sights were set on the OB-GYN world of the medical industry, her research revealed that it would take years and years of studying and work, all on top of a heavy cost. Seeming to find herself at a crossroads, enter the profession of a nurse practitioner. Checking all of the boxes that Chaudry was looking for, it was also accomplishable in a much shorter period of time, meaning she could get into the field and work on her own much sooner than she would’ve been able to as an OB-GYN. 


    As our interview comes to a close, I gather that Chaudry is a truly genuine person whose intentions are always bigger than herself. Helping others is something that she relentlessly pursues. Whether it be through volunteer work or her ideal career in the future, she always finds a way it can be accomplished. I don’t think that this interview will be her last, as I and many others eagerly await the many accomplishments and opportunities that will inevitably come her way.

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