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It’s Graham!

Tony Rodriguez

“All my Doctors kept saying this disease doesn't define you and all that good mumbo jumbo and I was like you

know what I think I’m gonna embody that...I’m still gonna have a normal life, I’m still gonna be a student, I’m still

gonna be an athlete... I think that moment when I realized diabetes would not limit me in any form or fashion.”

Graham’s response when he realized he wanted to help others is nothing short of inspiring and the 17 year old

high school student’s knack for helping those who can’t help themselves is second to none. A diabetes diagnosis

as early as sixth grade would be enough to deter any kid, but for Stemm it lit a fire in his heart. 

He doesn’t just embody that feeling of pushing past your limits and striving for your full potential, he spreads

the message “I’m part of a group at Boston Children's Hospital called the Teen Advisory Council, that works to

better diabetes patient care for teens.” Graham has always been the one to “fight for the little guy” and it shows,

many teens with diabetes are often mistreated due to misinformation and can have a difficult time navigating

the day. Graham’s own experience provides him with a sense of empathy for these kids and he fights to spread

awareness, “I spoke at a national diabetes conference and a school nurse conference about navigating my day

to day life as [a teenager] with diabetes.” It’s moments like these where he becomes a beacon of hope. 

Stemm has always been a team player, as a Track and Field star this man is an absolute unit. Being a long-distance runner is no easy task, But  Graham makes it look like a cakewalk. “I always feel like running is my natural high and it's also connected me with some great people that I would consider my lifelong friends.” Although he’s never been the best on the team he’s always working hard to improve. In his freshman year he started his career with a 27 minute 5k run which is no easy feat and as the years progressed as a senior he is now able to do that same 5k run in under 23 minutes, Graham has always been one to give it his all no matter the task. In late 2021 he started throwing for the track team, he had little experience in this field, but due to his tenacity and determination, he was able to compete in the Hockomock League. 

There’s always one person who has the ability to brighten anyone’s day, here at Canton High School that person is Graham Stemm. He’s a kid with big aspirations and an even bigger drive, whatever he puts his mind to he’ll get done. I know that one day he will change the world.

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