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Fantasy Football Trade Key

Sam Walsh

Sleeper of the Week: Week 14

Peyton Barber (Rb Tampa Bay Buccaneers):

      Peyton Barber, someone who a lot of people didn’t know at the start of the season and even up until a couple weeks ago, wasn’t doing very much. The Buccaneers are starting to put faith into him and it’s definitely showing. Two weeks ago, he got 106 yards rushing and one touchdown. Last week, he scored a touchdown and in standard he scored 11 points. This week against Carolina, he is definitely going to be a sleeper since a lot of people don’t know that Tampa Bay has trust in him.

Start/ Sit week 8 



Qb: Jameis Winston ( Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Winston missed a couple weeks earlier this season due to suspension and, right when he came back, he had a hard time adjusting. Two weeks ago he finally found his rhythm when he put up 31 points against Atlanta ( with four touchdowns). This week he is facing Bengals defense who is the 25th worst fantasy defense this year. The chiefs scored 39 points on them last week revealing there is many holes in the defense. On top of that he finally is gaining chemistry with Mike Evans which can make them a dangerous duo.


Rb: Kenyan Drake (Miami Dolphins)

Despite a slow start with Drake the Dolphins are finally starting to trust him, and give him a lot more carries. The last two out of the three weeks Drake has scored at least 14 points and is has a lot of upside if the Dolphins keep giving him a lot of carries like they are. In addition he is a versatile type of running back that is very effective in the pass game and the Texans who he is facing this week with great defensive linemen such as JJ Watt and Jadeveon Clowney it will make the Dolphins pass it more to people like Drake.


Wr: Allen Robinson ( Chicago Bears)

Robison coming off a slow week with only one reception for four yards, however Trubisky has the trust in him and targeted him multiple times but a good corner in Stephon Gilmore who had a great game kept breaking up every pass. Robison has shown promise just next week prior when he put 12 points up against the Miami defense. This week Robison is facing the jets defense who put up 0 points last week making him a great option.




  Qb: Derek Carr ( Oakland Raiders)

People might think to start Carr this week just because he is facing the colts and he wants to win so badly. Do not start him the Raiders just started Amari Cooper getting rid of one the top targets. In addition Jordy Nelson and Derek Carr still haven’t found the chemistry yet to replace Cooper.


Rb: Frank Gore ( Miami Dolphins)

Kenyon Drake has lately been playing great and has earned himself as the number one back in Miami. Although Gore does get carries the Houston defense has a great line and linebackers it will require a huge pass game which is not Gore in any way ,shape, or form.


Wr: Devin Funchess ( Carolina Panthers)

Funchees in his last two games scored either 13 or 12 points which in standard which is very impressive for him. However, the ravens have a red hot defense and his last two games will just cause a better cornerback to cover him now. The game plan due to the Ravens very talented secondary will most likely be just giving the ball to Mccaffery.

By Sam Walsh

3 players to Trade Away:

  1. Javorius Allen ( RB: Baltimore Ravens)

Allen had a great start of the year, in his first three weeks he had a total of 4 touchdowns, and had up to 13 points in his third week. He was showing great promise for the season ahead however, he is starting to plateau with only having one rushing yard in this past week and still fighting for the starting job with Alex Collins. He is a risky player to have start week after week and still has some trade value due to his great start of the year


2. Odell Beckham Jr ( WR New York Giants)

Odell is a big name and yes can put up some big numbers each week. Only trade him for a good value back, not for any player! Odell beckham is a good person to put on the trade block because Saquon Barkley is the biggest piece to the offense now, due to a lack of an Eli Manning arm. Eli Manning’s horrible play is hurting Odell and his value which Odell also knows. Lately in a press conference he even admitted these problems where he is know finding himself in the dog house. Odell Beckham could get you a big return and could play average for the rest of the year depending on Eli Manning.


3. Corey Davis ( WR Tennessee Titans)

Davis this season looks a lot better on paper then he has actually played. Besides one breakout week with an impressive 22 points he yets to score above six points. Davis has now shown for the last two seasons when covered by a top corner he has trouble breaking free. Try to get rid of him because he is not performing to what he says on paper.


3 Players to Trade For:


  1. Eric Ebron (TE Indianapolis Colts)

Ebron’s value is decreased than what it should be because of three different factors. One, he is on an awful colts team, two a shaky Andrew Luck is still recovering from a shoulder injury, and two, Jack Doyle might be coming back any week.  Ebron has now shown he is Luck’s favorite target and even when Doyle comes back due to the chemistry Ebron will still get touches. Ebron has scored over 10 points in 4 weeks now. Ebron is a potential steal due to those different factors.


2. Emmanuel Sanders ( WR Denver Broncos)

Sanders due to his speed and quickness has proven himself to be the number 1 wide receiver in Denver. He is on a lot of people’s benches because of how horrible the broncos are, Case Keenum as his quarterback and simply just his name and brand. He is the only one out of this Denver receiving core that can create space. He is starting to increase his value, he just scored 17 points against Marcus Peters a top corner in the league. I recommend getting him before his value is increased incredibly.  

3. Corey Clement (RB Philadelphia Eagles)

Clement would be a great pickup if he was made available to try and claim. With the recent injury to Jay Ajayi, Clement is finding himself to get a lot more touches and especially on the goaline where Ajayi was most available. During the first week without Ajayi Clement scored 13 points with 1 touchdown. Try to get him before his value substantially increases.

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