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Vicky's Interviews

By Vicky Revanche



David Allen is a junior at Canton, in his 9th year playing football, and third at Canton High. During his sophomore year he was playing safety during a game against Foxboro, which the Bulldogs lost 21-28. Now in his junior year, he helped lead the bulldogs to their first win over Foxborough in 28 years, and an undefeated record of 5-0.


Allen does feel the pressure of a 5-0 record and of having broken the 28 year winless streak and, as the team now has to keep proving themselves to the rest of the Hockomock league. When he heard about the history between Foxborough with Canton, Allen was shocked, but also determined.


David, when asked, said that his mindset going into the opening kickoff was "I'm going to murder you,". The star safety was also shocked that the opposing team's toughness did not seem to match that of their previous opponent, Milford.


David also claimed that he had little respect for the Foxborough team, given his experience last year playing them, in which he was taunted with chants of 'Cantwin'.


David, after already having picked off the Foxborough quarterback, regretted having dropped a chance at his second interception of the day. Coach Dave Bohane picked David Allen to be interviewed because of how he saw Allen’s improvement from last year's game to this year’s, as the Foxborough game was his best one yet.

Allen believes that since this was a big game for the bulldogs they should feel confident, given the tough treatment the Warriors gave the Bulldogs. When asked what he would do if he walked past a Foxborough player, David conceded that he might mention this year's monumental victory, however he ultimately said he'd probably just keep walking

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