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Hello people of CHS and others! We (the Spectrum Committee)  welcome you to the Spectrum Newspaper. Originally  Spectrum was just a school paper, where every term there would be a new edition and would be handed out at school, but since this is the 21st century, technology is the new thing. In spectrum, we try to present a variety of information, both locally and from around the world. Here we try to inform everyone about as much as possible, and make sure everyone had a well rounded knowledge about the school, town, state, country and world! 

Who runs Spectrum?

Hi, I'm Fatimah Alyaqoub, I'm a senior and I've been a writer/editor for Spectrum since my sophomore year,  I'm planning on continuing my work as an editor this year along with working more on layout!
Hi, I’m Valerie and I’m a junior. This is my first year doing Spectrum and I am excited to try something new!

Valerie Casimir

Olivia Sullivan
Hi I am Olivia Sullivan, I am currently a sophomore at CHS and this is my first year on Spectrum. I enjoy running, swimming, and spending time with friends and family. I am looking forward to writing this year!
Hi, my name is Nidhi and I love reading, writing and photography. I've been to over 30 countries and my dream is that one day I’ll be able to travel the world and explore some of the world’s hidden gems through the eyes of a local. 
Nidhi Chanchlani
Hey! My name is Nada Hijou. I’m a junior here at Canton High. I am very helpful and I am a great listener. So if you need anything, let me know! I can always help or at least make you smile!
Nada Hijou
Hey everyone! My name is Michael, and I'm a junior at Canton High. This is my first year in Spectrum, and my primary role is to be a writer, helping students connect to other teachers and the culture of CHS. Besides writing, I enjoy playing soccer, cooking, and being a part of the French Club and Best Buddies.
Michael Bornstein

I’m Toby Macort. My favorite things to do are play guitar and hangout with friends. I joined spectrum to take photos of the sports games, and i’m looking forward to the rest of the year.

Toby Macort

Hi! I’m Lydia Prendergast and I’m currently a senior. This is my fourth year of doing spectrum and I adore all things writing! Along with writing, I’m an avid member of poetry club and PRISM. I’m a Feminst Club officer, member of student council, Drama Club actress and crew head, and link leader executive. I love to sign myself up for literally everything but I’m so excited for this year!

Lydia Prendergast


Hey! My name is Ronan Himelrick. I enjoy running and spending time with my friends. I’m super excited for this year. Spectrum is my favorite club to do at CHS!!!

Ronan Himelrick

Hi! My name is Harshitha Valluri and I am a junior at Canton High. This is my second year in Spectrum with the main role of editing. This year, I’m starting to work on the website layout as well. I love science and English, while outside of school, I enjoy reading, running, and photography.

Harshitha Valluri

Hey, I’m Bella Botelho and I like outdated music, writing gloomy poetry, weird horror films and painting all night. I write a little about activism and my other interests. Maybe amidst the chaos I’ll write something that inspires you, maybe I won’t, but hopefully I’ll make you think in the process. 

Bella Botelho

Hey, my name is Grace Shea and I am currently a sophomore at CHS. I love singing, acting, and writing as well as getting involved in my community. I am also a part of clubs like Drama Club, as an actor and the PR/Marketing Crew, Femenist Club, and Canton Character Crew. I love writing about current issues and events, helping to spread awareness, along with writing about my interests at the time. This is my first year in Spectrum and I joined to explore my love of writing and try something new!! 

Grace Shea

Hi, my name is Ellie Ashcraft and I am a sophomore here at Canton High, and this is my first year in spectrum! Outside of school I enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Ellie Ashcraft

Hi! My name is Anisha Cherukuri and I’m currently a junior at CHS! I enjoy science and math, but I’m also interested in current events!

Anisha Cherukuri

Alex Maddestra

Hi there! I’m Alex Maddestra, a CHS senior and Olympic hopeful (ironically, the one-man bobsled has not gotten much traction.) Although I have been deeply interested in journalism for most of my life, I have never fully committed myself to Spectrum. This year, though, I intend to turn over a new leaf. My other interests include movies, running, and painting from time to time, all things I will probably- unavoidably- shoehorn into my writing throughout the year.

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, information, tips, or anything else, don't hesitate to contact one of the members. If you wish to be anonymous, we, the staff of Spectrum, will grant your wish. Please, just let us know in your email! Thank you. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

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Fatimah Alyaqoub