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A Week of Spirit at CHS

       As the weather regressed to balmy temperatures of seventy and eighty-degrees just days after, it seemed all too perfect that Spirit Week fell the week of September 16th, kicked off by Senior Weekend, when Canton experienced some much-needed frost. Imagine the level of discomfort had Denim Day, for example, corresponded with the following week instead, or Pajama Day for that matter. 

        I, for one, was grateful for the- albeit, brief- exposure of Autumn air, having made the somewhat reckless decision to wear a cotton onesie. Of course, I was not the only one saved by this precursory chill. For an entire rotation, the hallways became a beautiful wash of brightly-colored pyjama tops and pyjama bottoms, with excited voices accompanied by the soft pitter-patter of fuzzy slippers. Other themes included Team/Club Gear Day (Wednesday), Beach Day (Thursday), generally a favorite but not so easy with the cold, and finally Neon Day on Friday, the same day as the Freshman Cookout. 

         In addition to the wave of cool weather, this was also the first time (in quite a while, at least) that Spirit Week has been held during September at Canton High School, an idea cleverly concocted by the Link Leader Executive Board. This year will include multiple Spirit Weeks, helping to maintain an academic environment that is both enriching and exciting throughout the year. 

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