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Aspects of a

Good President

The 2016 presidential election is coming up, and it is important for many to know the basis on who they should vote for and some points of consideration.


First off, I want to make it clear that I am not pushing my political agenda. I will try to tailor my article towards objectivity; however, there are some aspects that make a good president that are clearly lacking in some very specific candidates. I will not mention their names for the sake of political correctness.


It is also important to state the most important aspect of politics: everyone has different perspectives on certain issues. It is important to note that some people are liberal, some people are progressive, and others are radical conservatists.


Your political affiliation may have a large impact on how you vote. For example, you may affiliate with the Republican party and vote for the Republican nominee. However, I urge you to heed the fact that someone’s affiliation does not make him/her a good or bad candidate.


Aspects of a Good Candidate

  • The ability and will to alleviate the nation’s budget deficit (how much the government overspends) and work towards a lower debt.

Why this is important: Less debt means more economic stability: imagine if China wanted us to pay our debts now? Uh oh.


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 Meet the Author: 

 Omar Sumadi

"It is also important to state the most important aspect of politics: everyone has different perspectives on certain issues." 


  • Trustworthiness and steadfastness in beliefs.

Why this is important: You don’t want a candidate who will promise one thing and deliver another. You vote for a president based on what s/he promised during his/her campaign, not what s/he didn’t promise!


  • A Good Foreign Policy plan.

Why this is important: Trade and relations with other countries help America and its economy grow while also perpetuating American reputability.


  • Authoritative Look

Why this is important: Gerald Ford was sworn into presidency largely because he looked like the ideal president. A good candidate will be able to control the room with his respectable look and demeanor.


  • Not Making Judgements Based on His Opinions.

Why this is important: Presidents should make judgements based on factual evidence, not their own biases and political agenda.


  • Leadership and Championship of Democracy

Why this is important: Democracy is the fuel of our individual rights, and leadership is the quite literally the fuel for change as well.

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