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Seniors Take SATs after Months of Waiting

by Laura Emde

On Wednesday, October 14th at Canton High School, seniors in the class of 2021 took the SATs after many test cancellations due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. 


Originally, many seniors - myself included - intended on taking the SATs on Saturday, March 14th, 2020, however, this testing date was the first to be canceled as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. During the spring, many testing dates were canceled altogether, and although some tests were, fortunately, able to go on during the summer, some testing locations chose to cancel their tests due to health concerns.


Fortunately for this year’s seniors, many colleges and universities have gone test-optional for the upcoming application cycle, meaning that they do not require standardized test scores in order to be considered for admission.


To learn more about how some members of the class of 2021 felt about finally having the opportunity to take the SATs, I sent out a short survey to some of my friends who had taken the October 14th test.


In the survey responses, the majority of students stated that they did not feel prepared enough for the test. One student who elaborated on this question stated they “didn’t study at all and was honestly quite nervous” for the test. There was a split opinion over the most difficult section of the test, with Section 2, the writing section, and Section 4, the math with calculator section, in a tie for first.


Additionally, the responses made it very clear that students were very satisfied with how the school ran the test and that the only aspects of the day they would change were strictly individual. One student stated that “[they] would’ve brought a better book to read” and another student stated they would’ve “learned more math so [they’d] be more prepared for the test”.


Congratulations to the class of 2021 for taking the SATs and good luck on all of your college applications!

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