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In the News this Week

In the News this Week: 11/3 - 11/9

In the World:

  • ISIS leader Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi is killed

    • On Saturday, U.S. troops led a raid that resulted in the death of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the world’s most wanted terrorist and the leader of ISIS. When approached by troops, Al-Baghdadi set off a suicide vest, killing himself and three children that were with him. 


On the national level:

  • As of Tuesday afternoon up to 186,000 residents are under evacuation orders in California due to fires that are currently raging. Utility companies are planning to cut off power to hundreds of thousands of people for both Tuesday and Wednesday to make sure any faulty electrical equipment will not lead to any more blazes. The high hurricane-like winds that are currently fueling the ongoing fires can also down live power lines, leading to more wildfires being created. As a result, Californian utility companies have been shutting off power more frequently this year as a precaution due to incidents in previous years in which they have received criticism for.

In Massachusetts: 

  • Controversy has recently arisen regarding whether or not safe injection sites should be opened up in Massachusetts. Charlie Baker, the governor of Massachusetts, has said that he believes supervised injection sites to be ineffective and that they do nothing to help people “get better.” The concept of supervised injection sites has been around for a couple of years, most popularly in Canada, Europe, and Australia. There are at least 100 of these sites around the world, where drug users come in with their own drugs and are given sterilized needles. They are then able to use these drugs in a clean space where they are watched by staff nearby who are equipped with breathing masks, and, most importantly, naloxone, a nasal spray that is used to save someone who is overdosing. The staff also provides information about safe drug use and rehabilitation facilities. While giving drug users a place to safely use drugs reduces the risk of fatal overdoses, critics say that these places also encourage drug users to continue using. 

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