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Kavanaugh Vs Ford

By Lydia Prendergast

        The topic of Kavanaugh vs. Ford engulfed and divided the country throughout the past month. However, if you haven’t heard, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford brought forth allegations of sexual assault against Brett Kavanaugh-a man that President Trump nominated for the Supreme Court. This court case then went viral among youths and adults alike. Dr. Ford presented her case with bravery and dignity, while Kavanaugh seemed to quickly crack under the pressure, switching between tearing up and shouting of his innocence. The testimonies of both sides shook the country, and opinions on both divided the nation. Kavanaugh's denials of sexual assault, although believed by many, were overridden by Dr. Ford’s concrete evidence. This ultimately led many Americans, including Republican senators who were determined to see Kavanaugh confirmed, to believe Ford.

        Kavanaugh argued that this alleged assault, which took place in his early college years, was nonexistent, whilst also arguing that he “barely drank” and had no sort of alcohol issue. However, many others that knew him in college argued the opposite. These witnesses stated Kavanaugh was known to often get blackout drunk, and that this was one of the many other lies he pulled in court.

Dr. Ford remained calm, collected, and strong regardless. Her bravery in bringing up an issue so terrifying and so controversial to the public inspired many. She went in knowing that she was going to get attacked, chewed up, and spit out. Nevertheless, she persisted and went to court in hopes that her predator Kavanaugh would not be welcome into the Supreme Court.

        After many days of deliberation, the court came to the conclusion that Kavanaugh would be confirmed to be the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. This proves that despite the fact many people sided with and believed Ford,  our country still fails to value women’s rights.

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