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The Life of Laura Emde

by Olivia Viens

The laptop screen lit up as Laura’s face covered the screen with her shining smile. “In fourth grade, I played the dog from Peter Pan. THE DOG! I barked my lines!” But now that she is older, she’s played more than just a dog in plays and musicals.

“I’ve been doing theatre since about 4th grade in an after-school class. I feel like it shaped me because it’s given me more confidence to be who I am as a person. I’m usually a shy person, so I feel like theatre gives me opportunities to really discover who I am and how I can embrace it.”

In addition to her time on the stage, Laura has gained inspiration from her mother.  She recalls watching her mom look on the bright side of things and helping others. “I feel like I kind of got my optimism from [her mom] and it helped me to be more positive as a person.” She also admires her mother’s work as a preschool teacher. “Seeing my mom loves her job and make a difference in these kids' lives will always make my heart melt because she’s just such a caring and happy person.”Being a teenage girl, Laura does have one other inspiration in her life, who is none other than Harry Styles. “I don’t remember a time where I didn’t love [Harry Styles].” Starting her obsession in 2010, her love for One Direction only grew as time went on but that love for the band quickly spread to more love for Harry Styles shortly after the group broke up.


Laura has a passion for her heritage and where she comes from.  “Last summer I went to Ireland to discover my roots and reconnect with family. I think it was the best trip I’ve ever taken.” Though she wouldn’t live there because she doesn’t want to be too far from family, she plans on studying abroad in Ireland during college. “I do want to learn more about my heritage, and I think that would be very cool. I just don’t want to live there permanently, just for a little bit.” On the subject of college, Laura discovered a new passion that led her to want to study journalism.“I think last year was when I finally discovered my love for it and I had always wanted to join [the school newspaper] but was too busy with Drama club.” 

Another interest of Laura’s is writing. She decided to join the school newspaper and immediately started to work. She has written many pieces, and had a few articles published on the school website.

Outside of school, Laura enjoys participating in her community and helping people out. One of her favorite community service events is the well known Saint Gerard’s Kids Camp. “[Kids Camp] has taught me the importance of giving back and helping others. When I was a kid and did Kids Camp, it was the best week of the year even though I didn’t have any friends to be with since I was quiet and shy. Being able to be a counselor gives me the chance to help make sure it’s the best week possible. I knew that there would be kids like me when I was younger, shy and didn’t talk if they didn’t know the people in their group. So I want to help them come out of their shell and have the best time of their lives without being scared to talk.”

Knowing Laura since 6th grade has given me the opportunity to see her grow up and become the amazing person we all know and love. She is the type of person kids would look up to based on her energetic and positive personality. It is blatantly obvious that Laura will be doing amazing things as time goes on, and as much as she might change as a person, one thing will never change - her love for Harry Styles!

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