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Brunch With Grandma

Norton, Mass.- This weekend 3 Canton teens: Grace Powers, Rose Giglio, and Kelli Woodworth, ventured to Norton MA for a brunch at Kelli’s grandmother, Laura’s home. The girls had been encouraged to meet Grandma after seeing the comical videos she had made about them never having come for brunch before.   

When they arrived, the teens ate an array of breakfast food made by Kelli’s grandfather, Mark, including eggs, sausage, bacon, toast, and more! They also received gift baskets from Laura upon arrival that consisted of goodies like candy, makeup, and fuzzy socks.   


After sitting down with them, it is clear Woodworth’s friends had a lot to say about their time in Norton for brunch.  


“It was life-altering”, says Giglio. “Grandma kept a smile on my face the whole morning, and the brunch was the best I’ve ever had! I can’t wait to go back again soon.”  


 Powers backed up Giglio’s sentiments about the visit to Grandma’s by saying, “I feel like she’s my grandma too now. I’m so glad I got the chance to meet her.  Brunch was epic.”


Ava Perry, a friend who was invited but could not attend, had a lot to say about missing the event. “Everyone has had to make sacrifices in their lives, and this is a sacrifice I had to make. It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make in my entire life, and one I will regret forever.”  


Woodworth, Giglio, and Powers believe that this statement is truthful, and missed Perry dearly during the get together at grandma’s.  


This visit has not only sparked interest for Ava, but Emma Massih, another friend of the group, as well. Massih, similar to Perry, had to miss the trip, and is very eager to make her own venture to brunch at Grandma’s. 


As a result of this high demand to make more visits to Grandma’s, a new tradition has been born. The girls now plan to go to Grandma’s whenever they can for brunch and enjoy days similar to the one they recently experienced!

Pictured above: Rose Giglio, Grace Powers, 

and Grandma Laura enjoy brunch together.

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