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Entrepreneurship Elective

By: Abby Martin

An elective is the best way to have a fun, educational break in your day that is hopefully low stress. However, choosing electives isn’t always an easy feat, especially when there are so many to pick from. With a list with more classes than you can ever imagine, it is highly recommended that you talk to teachers, classmates, and parents for advice on what to take. For me, the entrepreneurship elective was amazing and I learned so much!
   In Entrepreneurship, you get the opportunity to talk to real life entrepreneurs about how they got off the ground. During my class, students invited more than 5 guests to hold a lecture about what their job is like and the pros and cons about their career choice. These visitors provide real world examples of the realities of building that career path for yourself while offering you a chance to ask questions and get a better feel for class concepts. 

During a class project, you even get the chance to build your own business and market it to a team of ‘business investors’ (aka your classmates). During it, you learn skills to advertise production, create mock timelines for growth, and determine profit margins all in an easy to understand way.
   There are so many opportunities to ask questions, experiment, and explore the realities of the entrepreneurship world when you take the class, and I highly recommend that you try it out- it’s only for a semester. Plus, it gets bonus points because it counts as your tech credit. This is definitely an amazing opportunity we get here at CHS and one that you definitely want to try!

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