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Maybe if you feel like crying

I can be the shoulder that gets wet.

Maybe if you feel like laughing

I can tell you more jokes to make you smile.

Maybe if you feel like dying

I can write you a list of reasons to live.

Maybe if you feel like nobody cares

I can hold your hand and tell you everything I love about you.

Maybe if you feel like you love me

I can snuggle into your arms and love you back.


But maybe you aren’t crying,

or laughing,

or dying,

or worthless,

or in love with me.


Maybe you can be that to me.

--Ryder Evol

The Cloud Child

Innocence is the first drop in a bottle of rainwater

White paint with cotton balls

of pure puffs, floating above the people,

as they look up and wonder what shape I am.

Or if I really need a shape

to be an innocent cloud...I’m just a cloud.


As a cloud, I know I’m not allowed to do things

Like rain on the people’s dry, done up hair.

While my buddy, Mr. Sun is out.

But I like to anyways.

He gets mad and sometimes goes away

It’s my turn to shine my shade on the humans.


As a cloud I’m trying to stay out,

5 more minutes, I’ll let you have your turn Mr. Sun

I just want to play and watch people run

As I myself float by the wisps of blue sky left

Awaiting an ending to a never ending downpour of joy,

That involves me as happy as Mr. Sun himself


Or maybe it's the rain that follows

When you see me cry

And I throw a tantrum

With lightning flashing by

Be gone my feelings, my worries, on a passing plane

And let me cry on your head, jostling your paying passengers around.


--Ryder Evol

 Meet the Author: 

Amanda Romanos

If you are interested learning more about Amanda or the rest of the Spectrum Staff, click the button to check out her biography, or go to 'Who We Are." in the main menu.

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