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Star Wars:

The Last Jedi Preview

By Ronan Himelrick

I remember putting the new DVD into the player, excited for what was to come. My seven year old self was amazed with the story of a New Hope. The heroes, the villains, the planets, the music... it was a sensory overload. My young brain was firing on all cylinders as I wanted to become a Jedi myself, convinced that my midichlorian count was high enough to start training. I’ve loved Star Wars since the second grade, and still do to this day.


The brilliant mind of George Lucas created arguably the greatest franchise in American history, and one of the best sci-fi stories ever. Today, Lucas is not the one at the reins, with the sequels being led by JJ Abrams and Rian Johnson. In the latest episode, The Force Awakens, we meet some new heroes, including the force sensitive Rey and Kylo Ren. We were also greeted with some familiar faces such as Luke, Chewie and Han, and the pensive Princess (now General) Leia. The Force Awakens left a lot up in the stars about Rey’s past, where Luke has been for thirty years, and the history of the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke.


 Trailers released worldwide promoting the newest film (premiering Dec. 15). The Last Jedi is shaking the worlds of Star Wars fans everywhere, myself included. Director Rian Johnson revealed that The Last Jedi will shed some light on Rey’s past. In the trailers we see Rey training with Luke, honing her Force abilities. We also see Kylo Ren torn apart while battling his inner demons and Supreme Leader Snoke telling someone to “fulfill your destiny”. Who could it be? Head to the theaters soon, and check it out for yourself. You might even see me there!     

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