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Influence of Social Media

By Peter Hayward

The integration of technology affects everyone's lives differently. Especially social media. Social media, as a media outlet is an accelerated way for news to travel. With that being said, social media also allows a lot of other things travel quicker, such as gossip and fame.


We all scroll our social media feeds in our free time, but in reality we are just wasting time. Sitting on the phone all night is wasting hours of sleep, and those lost hours make us more tired. They make our days less productive and give us less time that we already don’t have.An hour on social media flies by instantly, hours are go by like seconds. Time in the day is expiring, and the next day is creeping on  as fast as we can swipe through our feed.


Often, people post a picture on social media outlet for likes and social acceptance. A higher amount of likes means more people like you, right? If you don’t get enough likes then it feels like you aren’t enough. Likes spike confidence levels, while a lack of likes can deplete self esteems. Some people avoid social media altogether in attempts to stop it from running their lives. So while social media governs the lives of some, others can balance social media so that they can still be in control.


Social media also has a hold on students’ education. Students walk into people because they aren’t paying attention as to where they’re going, or they try to hide their phones in class to reply to unopened snapchats. After being caught, these students try to make excuses to justify why keeping their eyes glued to the screen is more important than paying attention to the teacher. By being on social media while in the classroom, students the test is now harder, and the grade of that test is reflected in return. Then teachers get sick and tired of student coming after school to complain about their bad grade.


Many things listened to or red on social media can be “fake news”. People believe the fake news too much. This is a problem because they’re getting the wrong informations, and then they don’t know what to truly believe. The wrong information starts to circulate throughout the world, then issues and conflicts arise.

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