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Power of Performing Arts

By Ben Aronson

As a self classified ‘athlete’, I write this article with the intent to show you the power of the arts. While my views may differ from yours, hear me out, as the performing arts may shock you, as they did me.

It all began last year. As a sophomore, I attended the school’s production of “Hairspray”. If you watched this show and were not amazed, I’m not sure if you’re human. The musical was genuinely incredible. The whole time, I was intrigued by the phenomenal actors. After watching "Hairspray," I was hooked on following the drama department. I could go on forever about the unbelievability of this group’s performances, but everyone already knows what an amazing year it has been.

Because I was in the talent show, I know how truly special getting on that stage is, but the purpose of my article is as follows: Thursday night, I sat in my chair and watched the Cabaret. To no surprise, it was extraordinary. However, in my eyes, the most astonishing thing was witnessing people finding out what they truly love. It was obvious that every person who performed was genuinely proud and glad they did so.

For those who judge the arts, think about what you are doing. Why would you stop someone from doing what makes them happy? Athletes: if you’re having trouble putting it into perspective, imagine that feeling when you just played really well and you can’t stop smiling. That's the feeling that our school’s actors get after performing. For the seniors, you know that feeling of sadness you get on your senior night of sports? Well, the Cabaret is the actors’ last performance, and it is filled with just as much emotion.

Overall, I believe the arts are underappreciated, underfunded, etc…. However, our drama department is doing so much with so little; they are allowing kids to be themselves. As I’ve said, the best feeling in the world truly is seeing people do what they love.

It is also clear that the drama department has an immense impact on everyone involved, as evidenced by the many tears after the Cabaret. Within this inclusive club, countless friendships, relationships, and above all, memories that live on forever are formed.

Again, I’m not writing this to raise awareness for the performing arts, I’m writing this because the performing arts have shown me that there is nothing quite like having such passion for what you are doing. Maybe I have this all wrong and maybe my interpretation is different than that of someone actually in Drama Club, but from what I have seen, there is something particularly special about the performing arts at CHS.

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