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Are You a Baby Hater?

By: Max MacCort

I can't believe you would even consider voting for that lying, two-faced, deceitful, indecent candidate. You are the reason that America--and perhaps even the whole world--is an awful place. You are single-handedly destroying the world. You probably hate babies.

    I'm sure that you, the reader, has already determined who I’m talking about. Whoever it is, you're wrong. I'm not talking about either candidate. You attached a name to my vague insults without even thinking about it. That is bias.

   If what was just described happened to you, it's okay. You're not a horrible person (unless you do hate babies). It's so easy to see people who support things other than what we believe as ignorant, horrible baby haters when they are in fact none of those things. Our views and beliefs are shaped by those around us and our experiences. If you were to pick up a baby for the first time and the baby both threw up and pooped on you at the same time, maybe you would hate babies.

The views people express are a result of their experiences. Everyone has a story. Hating babies is a lot less evil after hearing why. In a time when people express their views through one hundred twenty character messages, it's impossible to see through the usernames and profile pictures to the real story underneath.

It's so easy to assume that we know the full story of those around us. The way people present themselves is only part of their story. Even worse than ignorance is inference. As much as we like to think we know how Game of Thrones will end, we don't. And the same is true for all the characters; we can only see what is presented.

People’s life experiences don't necessarily justify beliefs, but they do explain them. Not every baby hater is evil.

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