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Girls Field Hockey’s Season Comes to a Close Against Somerset-Berkley

Unfortunately, with Thanksgiving football right around the corner, I was not able to attend the game in person…but luckily I had a few members of the Dog Pound faithful give me the low-down on the game.


Somerset-Berkley came into the game as the #1 seed as well as being undefeated with a combined post and regular season record of (19-0-0) but that did not stop the bulldogs from giving them everything they could handle.


It was a back and forth game with S-B taking a 1-0 lead and then Canton tying it up off a Kaitlyn Goyetch (Soph.) goal (who played a phenomenal postseason for the bulldogs).


S-B scored after that to take a 2-1 lead into halftime but the resilient bulldogs just would not go away.


With just under twenty minutes to go in the second half, Goyetch notched her second of the night to tie the game at two goals apiece. (a remarkable feat considering S-B had only allowed 4 goals all season long)


The two teams were stuck in this deadlock for the rest of regulation so overtime would be needed to settle things.

Despite giving every last bit of effort, the bulldogs came up just short falling 3-2 against a team that will likely be the state champions.


Congratulations to field hockey on a remarkable run and the biggest of thank you’s to the graduating class of 2018:

Andrea McNeil

Eileen McNeil

Maggie Wade

Molly Colburn

Emily Campbell

Colleen Kelleher

Riley Brown

Kayla Berardi

Genna Floyd

Lia Fitzgerald

Erin Phelan


There’s a bit of an elephant in the room when it came to this game and I think it would be a disservice to the CHS girls field hockey team not to mention the fact that Somerset-Berkley had two boysstart on theirs.


I guess some may want to call it “sour grapes” but I’ll just lay out the statistics for everyone to draw their own conclusions…

(In typical “NNNN” fashion there will be no names or numbers)


Boy #1- 33 goals coming into tonight (leading scorer on the team)


Boy #2- to be completely honest I’m not sure on his stats but he was on the field during a 6 v. 6 overtime. (For all the non-math whizzes out there, that would mean that 1/3rd of the players on the field with the season on the line for S-B… were boys.


Now I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but something here just doesn’t quite seem fair.


I understand that not all schools have a boy’s field hockey team but at the end of the day, it just isn’t right that a team can rely on boys to create a competitive advantage.


I could write about this all night; but I’ll finish with this…


Doesn’t allowing boys to play in a primarily (99%) girls’ sport completely undermine the purpose of Title IX? The whole point was to introduce more opportunities for girls through sex-segregated teams and to be completely honest, I just don’t think it is so controversial to say that boys should not play on girls’ sports teams.


Once again, congratulations to our Canton girls field hockey team on a fantastic year. Nothing should take away from a truly remarkable run that had the whole school and community behind them.


And good luck to Somer—… (ah who am I kidding?) to whoever playsSomerset-Berkley.



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