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New Year's Resolutions

By: Abby Martin and Kitana Le-Garcia

With 2020 upon us, many members of the CHS, and throughout the world, are putting together New Year’s resolutions to put them on the right track for the next year. Many make New Year's resolutions in order to improve and better themselves the following year. Here at the high school, many students and faculty are setting their goals of self-improvement by focusing on different areas of their life. 

To begin, we talked to Liz Beal who wanted to focus on her real friends and forming closer relationships with them, instead of focusing on getting rid of fake friends. By focusing on forming closer relationships with people, she hopes to become a happier person. Liz wants to get rid of the drama around fake friends saying, “ It's getting kind of tiring, so I don’t want to deal with that anymore.” Making this resolution can help to reduce stress. 

Another type of resolution that people are trying to achieve is to become more physically active and to eat better. Freshman Dan Glemaud wants to work out and become more physically fit in 2020. However, such a commitment to fitness can be hard to maintain, so when we asked Dan about the challenges he could potentially face in trying to achieve his goal he said, “The only challenge is getting in the habit of doing it.” Another student, Blair Resil, has a similar type of resolution where he wants to focus on healthy eating and exercising. In order to achieve this goal, Blair says he will eat, “salad after every workout.” Focusing on your health and wellness, especially during your youth, can set you up for a longer and healthier life in the future. 

Finally, resolutions can often focus on increasing the learning and understanding of the world. The ASL teacher, Mrs. Lewis, wants to improve her Spanish speaking skills over the course of this new year. By creating habits centered around learning, like utilizing language learning apps and talking to foreign language teachers in the hallway, Mrs. Lewis is actively learning the language and hopes to get better at it every day.  A major reason for learning this skill is her love of traveling. She said, “I love to travel and I travel all over the world. I find that Spanish is the most useful language no matter what country you visit and I would like to be able to communicate better.” Learning a new language opens doors to better communicate with people and interact with others on a whole new level.

All in all, Canton High School’s students and faculty are focusing on bettering themselves in 2020 with plans to have better social interactions, to be healthier, and to learn new skills. By promoting these healthy habits, people are setting themselves up for happier lives overall!

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