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Ed Sheeran Concert

On September 25th, Ed Sheeran held a concert at Gillette Stadium. The first act was scheduled to go on at 7:00. However, when I arrived a few short minutes after six that night, the stadium was already filling up with audience members. The ages of the enthusiastic concertgoers ranged from younger kids bursting with energy and excitement to fully grown adults whose excitement matched that of the younger fans. T-shirt stands were bustling and lively, as were the food vendors. As 7:00 approached, the exhilaration built up. The last empty seats were filled, and the anticipation rose. Finally, the first opening act, Christina Perri, came on stage. She sang her songs “Shot Me in the Heart”, “Arms”, “Run”, “Jar of Hearts”, and “A Thousand Years”. She thenended her performance with a crowd favorite, “Human”. After


a break that was just long enough to get cotton candy from the snack stand and hurry back to the seats, the second opening act, Passenger, was on stage ready to perform. He started with his song “Fairytales & Firesides” and then moved on to “Life’s for the Living”, “I Hate”, “Beautiful Birds”, “Let Her Go”, “Scare Away the Dark”, and “Holes”.

At around 9:15, all the stadium lights went off, and everyone screamed in excitement. Finally, they had a short period of time to release the anticipation that had been building for the past three hours. When Ed Sheeran came on stage, it seemed as though their voices would never tire out. He gave a short and sweet introduction, which included the fact that Gillette Stadium was the first NFL stadium Ed Sheeran had performed in. Of course, this evoked more screaming before he went into his first songs “I’m

a Mess” and “Lego House”. He followed those with “Drunk”, “Take it Back/Superstition/Ain’t No Sunshine”, “One”, the crowd favorite “Photograph”, “Bloodstream”, "Tenerife Sea”, “Don’t/Loyal/No Diggity/Nina”, “Feeling Good”, and “I See Fire”. Sheeran and Perri also performed a duet together to Christina Perri’s “Be My Forever”. This was followed by a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “I Was Made to Love Her”. He continued his concert with Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin, singing “Thinking Out Loud” and Coldplay’s song “Yellow” with Martin. He sang “The A Team” as his last official song, but the two encore songs included a mix-up of the songs “You Don’t Need Me, I Don’t Need You”, “Layla”, “In Da Club” and “Know Yourself” and “Sing.” Overall the performance was incredible, and it was an extraordinary experience to be able to attend such an outstanding performance.

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Abby Capraro

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