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Interview with Tony Harris

By: Vicky Revanche

When was the first time you played you played football?

When I was seven years, old back in pop warner.


Why did you play?

My mom signed me up and my older brother played, so I wanted to play


When did you realize that football was going to be a big part of your life?

Probably around middle school, when I realized i've been playing for five or six years, and I didn’t see any soon time when i would stop


The night before the Thanksgiving game, what was your going through your mind?

I just thought about all the past memories I had playing football, and all the good times


The second after we finish singing the national what was your first thought? What was your mind going through?

My thought was I wanna score, and remember my last game.

Was there any conflict between you and the teammates on the Stoughton side?

A few of them tried to try talk smack, but everything they said didn’t really make sense. One kid said I was on hadley island, he said come join the island. But in reality, the way he covered me was the complete opposite of an island coverage


How do you feel now about Stoughton since that was your last time playing against them?

Yeah I have respect for stoughton football because they're really good and they're coached really well, the kids are hard workers, but not all of them are like the kid you wanna be friends with


Describe how you felt when you first hit your opponent.

It was very beginning of the game on the first block it was a run play I pushed the kid back kinda far it was a new kid i didn’t recognize him at all and i pushed him back kinda far and i was like wow this is an easy game for me.


After the game did you  feel relieved that the season was finally over for good?

Yeah i was relieved and i was more than ready to move onto basketball .


What do you want to say to the younger students playing football next year? Any advice for the Juniors when they play their last Thanksgiving game?

Stay focused know which sport or which activity you're going to be dedicated to and don’t forget where your ending goals are about highschool. Have fun and go all out I expect a win.

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