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Ending Hunger Isn't Always a Walk in the Park

How a Local Teen is Using Her Time Off To Do Good

By Abigail Martin

     While many people are staying home during the coronavirus, a local teen is using her extra time towards helping people in need. Laura Walsh, a freshman at Canton High School, is challenging herself and her community to make a difference towards combating national hunger.


Walsh has challenged herself to raise money and awareness for Feeding America, a non-profit organization focused on providing food security to millions of Americans. She plans to walk every street in Canton between May 2nd-3rd. 


Helping people has always been this teen’s mission. By advocating for charities that help children through their battle with cancer, coaching local swimming lessons, and helping as a volunteer counselor at a local summer camp, Walsh has always looked for the next way to give back to her community and support good causes. 


“I’ve been walking anyway and I thought ‘why not’- we can help people.” By calling upon her community to donate money towards her cause, Walsh has raised over four hundred dollars, and that number continues to grow as more people sign up to donate.


With a goal to raise $1,000 dollars, Walsh has spread the word through multiple social media platforms. “I first decided to post on Instagram, but it wasn’t as successful as I was hoping because my following is mainly kids and teens. So I had my mom post on the “Everything Canton” Facebook group and it kind of blew up from there.”


“We are so focused on relieving the virus, that we are forgetting that people are suffering and losing their jobs, and sadly, many will become more reliant on charities.” Coincidentally, Walsh’s walk dates align with the same weekend of “Walk for Hunger,” which was unfortunately cancelled. Walsh feels that her charity walk can help people support those in need, much like the Walk for Hunger would have.


“It was really exciting to see how many people wanted to make a difference, and it was really amazing that I provided that platform” adds Walsh.


If you are interested in donating to Laura Walsh’s campaign, make a pledge at , and make sure to use the hashtag #BulldogsFeedAmerica. Remember to keep an eye out for Walsh walking down your street between May 2nd and 3rd!

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