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The Dana-Farber Institute

By Tommy Ghostlaw

     Do you want to help a serious cause and help find the cure for cancer? This year 564,800 people are predicted to die of cancer, that is 564,800 to many. More people should recognize this statistic and realize how bad this is, people should help contribute as much as they can. After having 3 family members pass away from cancer in the last 3 years I wouldn't want anymore people to have to suffer through the pain. With one donation to Dana-Farber you can make a difference in the fight to conquer cancer.   

     Cancer is the second leading cause of death in America and is a very painful disease to have. Your donation can lead to the elimination of cancer and you wouldn't have to see family members and friends suffer from such an awful disease. Dana-Farber's mission is to provide expert, compassionate care to children and adults with cancer while undergoing treatment and make sure the patients understand the diagnosis. Treatments and finding a cure is expensive and a donation to Dana-Farber can never be a bad thing.

     The money donated to Dana-Farber is getting put to good use. One thing is that the highly intelligent scientists use the money to buy textbooks and listen to other scientist speeches about cancer and try to gather more information to find a cure. Also, they invest it into great leadership and the best doctors they can find so that more research and knowledge can be used for the fight against cancer. Dana-Farber is involved with multiple programs in Harvard medical school to develop new doctors and researchers with new findings on cancer elimination.

    Lastly, Dana-Farber needs your donation to help detect the disease early. As I said earlier 564,800 people are predicted to die from cancer this year. Early detection can safe many lives, late detection is not good at all because they have less time for treatment. Dana-Farber's office of research faces many challenges each day, one being organizing their donations and also doing research to find a cure. Dana-Farber will happily accept donations because there is a variety of things they need to conduct research and pay for to help their patients, every donation made is a step forward and progress made to find a cure.

    There are many ways that you can help Dana-Farber, you can donate money to them and it can be in honor of someone you knew that died of cancer. Also, you can donate gifts to the children and adults that are being treated at Dana-Farber. Another way to support the cause is volunteering at Dana-Farber and hosting or attending fundraisers for Dana-Farber. I hope that you will now understand the threat cancer causes and help me in the fight to kick cancers butt!  

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