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World Record Egg

On January 13th, an egg proved to be more fascinating to the current generation than Kylie Jenner’s newborn daughter. On the fourth of the year, the Instagram account @world_record_egg set out to beat Kylie’s record for the most liked picture on Instagram. The previous record holder was a post announcing the name of the daughter that Kylie somewhat unsuccessfully hid from the internet throughout her entire pregnancy. Understandably, the world was in love with the newborn, Stormi Webster, bringing the post to over 18 million likes since it was posted 11 months ago. With this record in mind, a simple picture of an egg was posted, with a caption encouraging people to help them achieve their goal.


As the days went on, the egg gradually gained popularity and continued to climb in numbers. Finally, nine days after the original post, the egg surpassed 18 million likes, dubbing it the most liked post in Instagram history. By the 14th, the famous egg had gained over 5 million followers and more than doubled the previous record of likes on an Instagram post. It can be assumed that the egg will only gain more popularity, even as Kylie pokes fun at it all in a recent post of her cracking an egg on the pavement with the caption, “Take that little egg”.

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