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Win $100 for the charity of your choice

Spectrum would like to reward students for their commitment to helping others in need. 

We ask that you submit a completed opinion article to our email at that:

1. Highlights a key social issue on the local, national, or international scale,

2. Addresses the SPECIFICS of the dilemma or problem regarding the social issue,

3. Identifies and describes a charity or non-profit organization whose goal is to resolve the issue or problem, and

4. Explains how a donation from the newspaper would help.


  • ​Length: Must be over 100 words, but under 500

  • The charity/organization MUST BE a 501(c)3 organization; see: 

  • You MUST include a link to the organization's official website

  • You MUST submit your Op-Ed to by April 14th

PRIZES: All prize-winning Op-Eds will be published, AND:

FIRST PRIZE: $100 to the charity you publicized through your Op-Ed

SECOND PRIZE: $25 to the charity

THIRD PRIZE: $25 to the charity

HONORABLE MENTION: Five other Op-Eds will be published to draw attention to the issues/charities you find relevant

We encourage you to write with style and voice--take stylistic risks! The most successful Op-Eds will be the ones we want to read again and again!

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