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The Kali-to-Kali Project

By Haaris Zeb

The Kali to Kali Project is a non profit organization with the goal of providing agricultural, education, and wellness resources to communities in need. This NGO is under Grace Cares, which provides this charity with their 501-3(c). The main focus of Kali to Kali is to help communities in underdeveloped countries with healthcare, education, and agricultural resources.


Thus far, Kali to Kali has addressed issues involving availability of clean water and agricultural issues in Kigali, Rwanda. As well as availability of proper educational equipment in Peshawar, Pakistan. In Kigali, Rwanda they have provided four different communities with local and clean water by building water wells. They were also able to provide support when it came down to agricultural issues.


Additionally, because many communities in Kigali, Rwanda suffer from malnutrition Kali to Kali provided those communities with farming tools, soil, and vegetable/fruit seeds to build gardens and plant malnutrition fighting crops. In Peshawar, Pakistan they were also able to provide two schools with new laboratories, libraries, clothes, school supplies, and playgrounds for the students and local children in the villages to enjoy.


This organization is unique as their goal is not only to provide support, but make sure that the support they provide is long term.  Their approach centers on making sure that villagers in the areas they support are able to become self sufficient and independent.

Their future plans are to continue doing work with the countries they are currently supporting, as well as move into other countries facing similar issues that they aim to support.

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