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Welcome to Canton High School!  

Marie V. Thomasi

20 December 2023

Welcome to Canton High School! Located in Massachusetts right next to Boston, Canton High School accepts over 400 new students a year.  Who are they, where do they come from and what does joining Canton High School mean to them ? We spoke to a selected students about their feelings in joining the Bulldogs. 

Starting off is Sophia Barnard, a Junior that started about 2 weeks ago. Sophia is however not completely new because she lived in Canton before she moved to Canada. Now she's back and here’s what she has to say about joining Canton High School. When asked about her first reaction in joining the school Sophia said, “I was obviously very nervous, but I knew that my best friend lives here and I knew I would get along great with people”.  Sophia added that she is already excited. ‘The students of Canton high have been nice to me so far and I'm excited to get to know more people”. 

She further talks about the faculty, saying that “everyone has been really helpful, like if I need help finding a class the teachers are right there and happy to help”.  She is not a huge sports fan, although she acknowledges that there are a lot more sports teams here than in her old school. Pertaining to clubs however Sophia is very excited to be a new member of the French club. 

Sophia also has a little brother called  Sam Barnard who is a freshman this year. Sam says that when he joined he felt “comfy, excited to meet new people and to start afresh”. Sam also states that the students of canton high were “very nice, very welcoming and made me feel accepted”. 

When it comes to the administration and the teachers Sam is quick to say that everyone helped him adapt to the school and to his new classrooms pretty easily. He even expressed interest in the math team quickly after joining.  

I am also a new student in Canton, I used to come here every summer and then finally moved here last summer and started going to school. I was very nervous on my first day, I had just been thrown into a completely new school system, with tons of new teachers and even more new students. However all my fears went away once I was integrated, everyone was so nice and welcoming and the teachers helped me catch up on what I had missed and the things that I hadn’t done before. I even found new passions for things that my old school didn't offer and this made me even more excited and grateful to be at Canton High School. 

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