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Small Change Big Impact

By Lauren Crimmins

The world is made up of 70% oceans and in that remaining 30% is nature. Companies are causing major pollution, but other companies are trying to help remove some of this pollution by turning the trash into clean energy, jewelry, bags, and more. There are 22.6 billion pounds of trash around the world polluting our forests and oceans. Each day some of it is removed and some is added. Companies need to start finding new ways to make their products more eco-friendly to help the environment. Even though this issue is talked about often people should care because if these problems continue it will start to affect more and more places.

       Pollution is caused mostly by energy companies that produce coal and release carbon dioxide and fossil fuels into the air.  When they release these gases into the air it harms people's health and hurts the environment. Companies nowadays want to be widely used and rich no matter what they do to get there. Companies like NRG energy and Peabody energy are two of the worst pollution causing companies. It is not just energy companies, it is also Tyson chicken. They have caused major pollution of nitrogen gas and parts of the Gulf of Mexico is uninhabited by marine life due to the fact that it is so polluted. Even the most everyday used companies are hurting the environment.


       Companies like 4Oceans are trying to help the problem. 4Oceans make bracelets for people to buy. Either their signature blue bracelet or their monthly cause bracelet. Each bracelet is $20, but it goes towards pulling a pound of trash from the oceans and coastlines, and it is made from all recycled materials. The bracelets are made from glass, plastic, and stainless steel all pulled out of the oceans and coastlines. Other companies like Ten Trees plant 10 trees for every item that is bought off their website. This will produce more oxygen in the air and help undo deforestation.  Companies like this is a perfect example of what companies should be doing.


       By doing small changes companies can decrease their carbon footprint. If gas companies use more solar energy it can decrease some of the toxic air.  Also if things are made from recycled material it can help reduce the littering problem. More and more companies are trying to bring awareness to the issue and doing their share in helping clean up the world. Just a few small changes can make a big difference in the future.

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