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Ronan's Album of the Month

Ronan Himelrick

Album of the month: April 2019


Led Zeppelin IV (1971) Led Zeppelin

Songs Included:

Black Dog

Rock and Roll

The Battle of Evermore

Stairway to Heaven

Misty Mountain Hop

Four Sticks

Going to California

When the Levee Breaks


This is the most popular Led Zeppelin album of all time and rightly so. Led Zeppelin IV is the quintessential rock and roll album, with a near psychotic experimental sound, incredible guitar riffs, and strong drums. Led Zeppelin’s progressive rock and roll is exemplified in this album, with genre-expansive pieces such as Stairway to Heaven and The Battle of Evermore.

Favorite song: When the Levee Breaks

Rating: 5/5 stars

Album of the month: May, 2018


Awaken, My Love! (2016) Childish Gambino


Songs included:

- Me and Your Mama

- Have some love

- Boogieman

- Zombies

- Riot

- Redbone

- California

- Terrified

- Baby Boy

- The Night Me and Your Mama Met

- Stand Tall


        This is Childish Gambino’s most recent album which has gained popularity from it’s most famous song “Redbone”. This album is filled with funk-style beats with vocals coming from Childish himself. Many of the songs are layered with synth vocal and beats that can give you chills. Overall, I a big fan of this album! The songs are on the slower side but are still very good to groove to.  


4.5/5 Stars

Album of the month: April, 2018


Thriller (1982) Michael Jackson


Songs included:

- Wanna be Startin’ somethin’

- Baby Be Mine

- The Girl is Mine

- Thriller

- Beat It

- Billie Jean

- Human Nature

- P.Y.T ( Pretty Young Thing)

- The Lady in My Life



       This Album is filled with some of Jackson’s most famous works, Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean and PYT. Michael is known for his hit dancing songs, but on this album, a few songs are slower like Human Nature and The Girl is Mine. Overall, this is a great album to groove and dance to.




Rating: 5/5

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