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High School: A Lasting Influence On All

By Abby Colburn 

Some people claim their high school days to be the best time of their lives. Others do everything in their power to completely erase their high school days from their memory. It’s a time to make new friends, maybe even a few enemies. It’s a time to learn about who you are and the person you want to be. With all that being said, one thing is for sure, high school has a lasting influence on all.


One of the greatest aspects of high school is the wide variety of activities that any students can get involved in. Eighteen year old Kevin Praik knows that high school has definitely allowed him many opportunities to discover some of his passions.  As a young boy, Kevin would read comic books almost daily, but it wasn’t until high school that he was given the opportunity to find others who shared this passion.


Now president of the comic book club, Kevin is able to share his love of comic books with other students. The comic book club has allowed Kevin to earn a leadership role in his community while doing something he loves. Not only has high school given Kevin a chance to fulfill a former hobby, but it has also given Kevin a chance to learn about another passion of his: sports commentating.

Kevin enjoys commentating at many of Canton High’s sports games. For the past three years, Kevin has spent much of his time at the football field, commentating for the varsity games and for the past two years, he has commentated for the varsity baseball games. Kevin says that he “has fun doing it and it doesn’t feel like a job.” It's a hobby that he hopes to turn into a career one day, and he discovered this passion during high school.

Kevin’s high school experience has also pushed him out of his comfort zone. Kevin has always been shy, and his personality in high school is no exception to this. However, one event has truly given Kevin the opportunity to be brave; prom. Kevin was very nervous about attending prom, and it took a lot of courage for him to go. He says that he is glad he went and that it was a very big deal for him.

While many may not give their high school years much credit for shaping them, it is clear that Kevin’s high school experience had an immense impact on him. He met people who he could relate to, discovered a passion and went out of his comfort zone. Even if some say that high school doesn’t impact you later in life, most can probably agree that high school allowed them the opportunity to learn new things about themselves.

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