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This History Teacher is One for the Books!

By Abigail Martin

No matter if you are taking his eleventh grade US history or his freshman year world history

class, Mr. Eromin has been a favorite for years. While Mr. Eromin has a knack for teaching

amazing history lessons by allowing students to see multiple perspectives of complex issues

and prompting them to strengthen their writing skills through valuable feedback, what makes

Mr. Eromin’s class so special is the classroom community he fosters. 

When I took Mr. Eromin’s class, from day one, it was clear that he valued personal relationships

with students. Every long block, Mr. Eromin has a routine to spark genuine student discussion-

he asks a genuine question that allows students the chance to tell personal stories and build connections with others. On top of enthusiastically listening to his students, he creates a very safe, welcoming environment by setting the mood before class. 

 “I really enjoy listening to the stories that he tells so I always look forward to that part of the class,” says Iva Morozova, a junior currently taking his US History class, “he has a way of making things so funny, he’s a great storyteller that really knows how to make you laugh.”

“They don’t just love him, but they end up loving learning by the end of the year,” says Mr. Connor, who nominated this deserving teacher for the award. The Massachusetts Council for Social Studies is a non-profit organization that supports social studies teachers throughout the state and honors teachers that go above and beyond. 

Canton High School is so lucky to have teachers in the school who are so dedicated to learning and helping students grow both as learners and as people, too. We are all so proud of Mr. Eromin and are thrilled to see him win this prestigious award! 

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