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Canton High Takes on Cancer

by Caitlyn Cahill

      On Sunday October 2nd, one hundred and sixty Canton High Students loaded onto buses at 7:30 am to make their way to the Boston Hatch Shell to play their part in the Making Stride Breast Cancer Walk.

      Arriving at the walk, members of the Canton High community were displaying their support not only by moving their feet but entering the event with $9,467, a number that still increasing and inching towards the school's goal of $10,000.  

      Students joined the sea of people showing off their pink pride with bright eyes ready to support a great cause. They walked in honor of family and friends, some even sporting ribbons and stickers to show their support of staff member Kate Coleman who has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.

      Students took this day as an opportunity to raise awareness while gaining knowledge about different people and their stories.

      One anonymous survivor spoke out about her battle against stage three breast cancer while her son was stationed overseas in Afghanistan. She expressed how it seemed she was, “fighting both fronts at the same time.” But ten years later and cancer free, she states how thrilling and empowering it is to see all these people walking along side her on a rainy Sunday morning, granting members of the Canton High community greater pride about their good deed.

      The Breast Cancer walk was founded in 1984 by cancer survivor Margery Gould Rath, since then the walk has become an annual event in Boston and for the past 15 years has been an reoccurring experience in the Canton High community that they’ve taken great joy in.

      Coordinator Ed Amico expressed how, “There’s no greater feeling in the entire world then watching 160 students dressed in pink gathering in front of the Rodman building on a Sunday morning”. He believes that it truly shows how huge of hearts Canton High Students have.

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