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Little Shop is a Big Success
By Aaron Scibelli

CANTON, MASSACHUSETTS- At Canton High, staff and students alike are buzzing with only great things to say about the spring musical, Little Shop of Horrors. With a wacky plot and show-stopping songs, the production wowed audiences in its three show run from March 17th-19th.

Amidst “tech week”, emotions were running high. For seniors like Laura Walsh, the albeit stressful time is bittersweet. “...I’m more excited than sad. I know the show is awesome, so the senior class is leaving on a high.”

Though for seniors the show can be melancholic, sophomore Maegan Horrigan used the musical as a new opportunity for herself. In order to create the effect of a talking plant, multiple puppeteers were required, and Horrigan took on the role of operating the largest puppet. She claimed that “My first time as a puppeteer has been challenging yes, but also incredibly rewarding…I’ve enjoyed my time as a puppeteer so much, even though I spend most of it really sweaty.”

According to director Katharine Brobst, “...Little Shop is very different than any show I’ve ever done here! It’s a sci-fi comedy that also has a romantic comedy [and] a tragic element”. A stark contrast from last year’s production of Grease, she stated that she show is “...hilarious…wild and wacky, and…also super emotional”.


Though “the most challenging obstacle is always putting all the tech elements together”, “everyone…handl[ed] it really well”. Once all of the lights, sound, band, costumes, props, and set started to work together in harmony, she claimed “it [was] so satisfying to see it all come together and hear the laughter and applause on opening night!”.

Since the CHS Drama Club puts on two productions a year, one play and one musical, many cast members from the Fall’s Romeo and Juliet returned to act once again. Among these were Bradley Perlman, first landing the lead role of Romeo and once again landing the lead in Little Shop as Seymour Krelborn. When asked about similarities and differences between the characters, he stated: “Romeo is a very serious character with complex dialouge, while Seymour’s demeanor is a lot more playful and timid. That said, both are romantics at heart, and will do anything in their power to prove their love.”

Unlike Perlman, sophomore Leah Condon had the opportunity to star as Audrey in her first lead role since arriving at CHS. “Playing Audrey has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I knew it would be a step out of my comfort zone and boy was it…It’s been so much fun playing around with it though. I’ve loved coming up with my own iteration of the character”. Also one of the heads of public relations for Drama, she worked overtime to advertise the show. “PR has been doing it all. We have big eye catching displays in the hallway, we’re constantly posting pictures of rehearsals…and so much more.”

The show closed on Sunday, March 19th and Drama Club is now gearing up to start rehearsals for their annual Spring Cabaret, which will be on May 12th.

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