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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

By Ronan Himelrick

Did you forget about Halloween? Here are the five best last-minute costumes that will surely impress everyone who spent painstaking hours making uniforms and outfits that, by comparison, look terrible:


5) Favorite Athlete: Literally wear a jersey from a favorite sports team


4) Error 404 Costume not found:  We all hate that annoying message saying that a certain website “can’t be found” Say you can’t find a costume, grab a white tee, a permanent marker and get to work. Not the best for trick or treating but a easy and simple costume ( if you want to explain it everytime you interact with someone)


3) Three Hole punch version of yourself: Three Black circles on a white shirt, pretty simple (made famous by Jim Halpert)  


2) I’m “ Enter Name Here”: Grab a name tag and write a name other than your own.  


1)Stay inside and be anti-social.

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