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Fashionably Late!

{Fall Edition}

It may be fall, but that does not mean you cannot wear mini skirts! Many individuals find that skirts are an article that should be worn in the early spring and into the summer, but what they did not know is that you can totally wear them into the fall!  This fall celebrities have been seen wearing pleated mini skirts. Not only does it elongate your legs, it also pairs well with button downs, turtlenecks, and crop tops.Yes, it may sound a bit odd but it is a popular trend this fall. In addition, midi or mini, , there are many kinds of tartan (wool) skirts that are perfect to wear in this upcoming season. Last but not least, flannels are perfect for a casual fall look, paired with ankle boots.  A little rustic, soft in the sleeves, and full with easy- to- throw comfort . They are warm, easy to wear, and come in lots of colors! Stores such as Urban Outfitters, H&M, Old Navy, and American Eagle have a variety of styles out right now, one of which is bound to speak to your style!

 Meet the Author: 

Julia M. Cohen

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