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The SOUPer Bowl Food Drive was a Super Success!
By Abby Martin

      While the Patriots weren’t in the Super Bowl this year, Canton still has something to celebrate with the SOUPer bowl food drive coming to a successful close. To support the Canton Food Pantry, CHS students were encouraged to bring in non-perishable food donations, and they delivered! Two huge boxes overflowing with generous donations filled the foyer over the donation period and wowed the Canton Community.


      With these generous gifts ready to help people in need, Canton students are continuing to give. Canton High School has been involved in so many other community service projects in the past, and this was just one example of CHS students helping others. From participating in the Breast Cancer Walk to helping out at soup kitchens to helping to assist students in lower grades, Canton students have proved time and time again that they are willing to make the Canton community a better place!

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