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Reagan on Her Senior Year

By Charlie Doody

Reagan is trying her best to keep her teammate up as she is the main base of this stunt at cheer practice. She calls up to the flyer encouraging words to ensure the stunt hits. They did it. The backspot calls counts as the group comes down from the stunt. She has finally accomplished what she has worked so hard on. She feels so proud as the captain of the team. 


This career began back in middle school for Reagan. “My mom grew up cheerleading”, she says. Her mom doing cheer since she was 8 years old was definitely an inspiration for her. “That always inspired me”.




 Reagan prides herself on being very close with her family. She has one brother who is 7 years older than she is. “My brother would tease me all the time,” she says as she recalls how her relationship used to be with him. But in recent years, that bond has changed into something she holds close to her heart. She goes on to say “It’s almost like having a third parent, but it’s like a cool parent. I'm comfortable talking with him about anything and it’s awesome.” She is clearly very grateful for him. “He is my best friend.” 


Besides her brother teasing her, Reagan had a love for movies in her childhood. That has continued into today as she has a deep passion for screenwriting. “I think if I were to write a movie, I would make it a teen comedy”. This love and passion for screenwriting comes from time spent at her Nana’s house. “I really love watching 80’s movies at my Nana’s with my cousins.”


Reagan has taken her passion further by signing up for a writers workshop class. While it is not specifically for writing movies, it does help with putting ideas down on paper. This is something she says is very important to her. “It’s been a way for me to really organize my thoughts and to stop overthinking.” She is especially proud of a piece she wrote about a significant event in her life. “I wrote about my relationship with God.” She says, “I was raised catholic. I went through a very difficult time when I was fourteen where I leaned on my religious beliefs a lot to get me through it.” The piece was called Knocking on my Window. “It felt really good to put my work out there, and get to write about something I hold close to my heart.”


Reagan has many passions in a life that she beliefs is one big mystery. She tells me that “You should leave a positive impact on those you love”. Reagan is in a busy time of her life with applications to college but she is so grateful for the life she gets to live each day.

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