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Anticipation: The Day before the Big Game

By Liam Walsh


October 5th. The day hasn’t even happened and I’m already writing about it. 


Yankees vs Red Sox, AL Wild Card. Anticipation higher than ever. Season on the line. Too bad for Yankees fans, sadly they will be going home lonely and sad but, most importantly, without the Wild Card win either. Sucks to suck, Yankees.


I may sound cocky but sounding cocky is better than anything a yankees fan will ever have, I’d say. I’m sitting about 30 rows behind the Sox dugout. Tickets were expensive, but well worth it. Worth it to see all the sad looks on the bum Yankee fans’ faces.


My hate for the Yankees goes far back, all the way back to when I was seven, screaming “Yankees Suck” in 2012 at Fenway.

I have never been more excited for a game--or anything--ever. I’m writing about it the day before; that’s how excited I am for this. I mean, the damn game hasn’t even happened and I’m already going crazy about it. Sound of the bat, screaming Sox fans, crying Yankees fans. Best of all, when they play Dirty Water after we destroy the Yankees.


I will never like the Yankees, ever. EVER. My girlfriend is a Yankees fan, and I hate it. 


I feel like it will be easier to write after we win. I’ve been stressing a lot about it, but it’s ok. I have confidence in my boys in Red and White.

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