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Drama Club’s Last Hurrah

By Lydia Prendergast

    As the final AP test is taken, the seniors organize for graduation, and the school year begins to come to a close, Drama Club continues to work hard on producing and promoting their last show of the school year: the Spring Cabaret.


“Watch What Happens” is a musical revue in which a collection of theatrical songs are performed in the sequence of a collective show. Unlike their other performances of the year, the Cabaret does not tell a singular story, but instead showcases the individual stories of every song.


Featuring songs from well known musicals such as Dear Evan Hansen, Into the Woods, Wicked, Newsies, and so many more, it truly is a show that should not be missed. The dynamic duets, captivating dancing, and astounding singing will entrance you. Plus, the show is FREE!


It’s coming up quick, so go see the cabaret this Friday, May 7th, to see Drama Club’s contemporary performance!

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