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Ho-Ho-Ho a Traditional Christmas is a No-No-No

by  Abigail Martin

With Christmas, Chanukah, and New Years fast approaching and COVID cases on the rise, it can be hard to get in the holiday mood. Holidays have traditionally brought families closer together. However, due to the ever-increasing travel restrictions, the most wonderful time of the year can leave you “pine-ing” for much-needed family time and celebration. Don’t let COVID restrictions get in the way of your holiday season, or “yule” be sorry. Here are my favorite ways to celebrate the Christmas season COVID style!

Take Some North Pole-oroid Pictures- Have a Family Photoshoot
When I was little, I remember many Christmasses where my parents tried for hours in an attempt to take the perfect photos for our holiday cards. Even if you have no intention of sending any, use this time at home to make some fun memories with your family, and take an “elfie” while you are at. Use this as an excuse to get dressed up in something that isn’t your pajamas: a rare occasion for 2020. Trust me, you will be “sleigh-ing it” in your holiday duds!

These Trees are Officially “Lit”
Who needs to travel for miles and miles to look at holiday lights? “Spruce” up your own yard by creating your own Christmas light display. You can make this activity a ton of fun by getting your whole family involved in the process, blasting some Christmas music, and making some holiday snacks to enjoy. You can make this a full-day activity by going out to enjoy your neighbors’ Christmas lights in the evening (from the safety of your car). Can I get a “watt-watt?”

Movie Time, and Feeling “Pine”
At least in my house, the days that the newest episode of our favorite show airs varies. With one show airing on Tuesday, another on Friday, and another on Sunday night, there is no one show my whole family can agree on without a “tree-mendous” compromise. But there is one thing my family can agree on: The Peanuts Holiday Special. Pick one day a week to hold a family movie night, and make it special. Make all of the yummy Christmas treats that are normally reserved for holiday parties, and enjoy some holiday movies together as a family. Cue the Snoopy dance.

Bake the Season a Little Brighter
Bake some Christmas cookies together as a family to celebrate the holiday season. These could even double as your special movie night snack. Another idea that is sure to “sleigh” is to have a Halloween-inspired Christmas cookie experience with your friends and family. You and the people in your COVID-pod can safely trick-or-treat from house to house and try everyone’s cookies. This is a cute way to not only see all of your friends’ houses all decked out for the holidays, but also “treat-yo-elf” to some sweets!

A Bright “I-deer”
Turn any mask into a cute Christmas accessory. You could purchase one of the cute Christmas-y masks on Etsy, but with slow shipping times, you may be drawn to do some DIY action on your mask. Try something really simple, like hot glueing a red nose to the front of the mask. Practically instantly, your boring, everyday mask can turn into a cute holiday one. Problem solved!

Make Ornaments
I don’t think I could count the number of times I have given someone a handmade ornament throughout elementary school (I bet I gave my mom four every year until I was twelve). Reignite the tradition by grabbing some supplies you have lying around your house to make cute ornaments with your family. See if you can think of one to commemorate 2020, it’s definitely been a year!


Go Christmas Shopping With Friends
If you are planning on venturing out to the store to do your holiday shopping, do it with friends! Be careful to go only with people in your COVID-pod, and make sure to mask up and social distance, however, spending time with friends can definitely put you in the holiday spirit. If you are an online shopper, consider doing it on a Zoom call with your friends.

‘Tis the Season to Give
While you may initially think of the Christmas season as a time to go Christmas shopping and buy all of the cute holiday gift wrap, consider giving either your time or your unused possessions to those in need. I’ve donated both food to the food pantry and clothes from my closet to charities in our community. If you are looking for some other ideas, consider offering your time. The Community Service Club has lots of ideas for how you can get involved at home!

No matter how you are celebrating this year, take some time to develop new Christmas traditions. Remember that the holidays are just about spending time with people you care about, so find ways to get creative. 

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