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Spooky Season

By Elise Kleinbauer

        ‘Tis that time of the year again, folks! We are entering spooky season, and with Halloween around the corner, I am sure everyone wants to feel those sweet, sweet spooky feels. However, a few may not know how to achieve the feeling of death and sugar highs breathing down your neck. Well, just consider this your guide to all things involving All Hallow’s Eve!


       Let’s just start out with gaining some autumnal vibes. Go outside! Take in the cooling air, admire the leaves, whatever you need to realize that summer is officially dead. Whether it’s just going around the neighborhood, to Blue Hills, or Houghton’s Pond, get those legs movin’. Maybe listen to a few pre-made playlists that remind you of the impending season. For me, that usually involves some jazz, usually Ella Fitzgerald, but it’s your own choice. That brings us to the next autumnal activity… food picking!


       So “food picking” really just involves apples and/or pumpkins. Both work in these situations, it just depends on what your goal is. Do you want some crunchy fruit, or do you want to take a knife to a gourd? Your choice, but both can help further your spooky spirit. If you can’t decide, just do both! After that, you can make unreasonable amounts of pie. Hey, I’m not judging. If the candy is already going to be coming in, might as well add more food to the fun!


        As we continue down this path leading into our cold New England winter, let’s make sure we savour our times before hibernation. Look up and admire life, eat some food, and just relax. Have a spooky Spooky Season, Canton residents, and save me some candy.

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