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Taylor Hayzlett

Canton is in for a real treat! After the original shop opened as a pop-up stand in Belmar, New Jersey, in 2014, Playa Bowls has become a chain with 170 locations nationwide, with shops that offers a variety of smoothie-adjacent products, and since their grand opening down Washington Street on December 2nd, it’s safe to say that they’ve become quite the hit.

It’s been a little over a month since their grand opening, and Canton’s shop has already amassed nineteen reviews and an average satisfaction rating of 4.7 out of five stars. Canton High School student and employee Brianna Fleurime talks about her experience working at the new location. “It’s been really great. I get super overwhelmed sometimes when a lot of people decide to come in, but other than that, it’s been super fun.”  Playa Bowls has provided jobs to many students at CHS, and due to its welcoming environment and employment opportunities and benefits, there is no shortage of staff willing to provide customer service.

Frequent customer Charlotte Clyve talks about how the new shop has been convenient for her. “I like having a Canton location because I don’t have to drive twenty minutes to get Playa Bowls, and even though I’m probably going to spend hundreds of dollars more than I should this year, I can’t go without my after-school Lola Bowl.” 

During my ventures to Playa Bowls, I’ve tried the Lola and Nutella Bowls, and I can say that the rumors are true! This shop is a great addition to Washington Street, and anyone who walks in the front doors is bound to feel the good vibes it brings.

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